GRMI Temporary CRM Designation Reinstatement Offer


GRMI is moving towards electronic credential verification. To achieve this goal, they are in the process of validating CRM holders in good standing.  Many CRM holders have renewed their dues annually and on time to maintain their credentials. However, some may have moved, not updated their contact information and not received their notice of dues.  GRMI is offering a grace period ending June 30, 2018 as a temporary reinstatement opportunity.  After this time, you may forfeit your CRM designation.


We have been asked to spread the word on behalf of GRMI and have provided their official statement with instructions below.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to reach out to GRMI directly at Thank you in advance for your help in getting the word out.


GRMI Temporary CRM Designation Reinstatement Offer

*This temporary reinstatement offer will expire on June 30, 2018.

CRM designation holders must maintain their credentialed membership with GRMI by paying a USD $50 annual dues fee, which is nonrefundable.  Nonpayment of the GRMI annual membership dues will result in forfeiture of the CRM designation and the ability to list CRM on a profile.  Reinstatement refers to the restoring of a designation that was lost due to non-compliance.

  • Former GRMI members whose membership lapsed for no more than two membership renewal dates can apply for reinstatement of their GRMI membership and CRM designation by completing the following steps:
  1. Send an email request to
  2. GRMI will contact the individual to process the USD $100 renewal fee before 6/30/18. This will cover the fee for the previous (10/31/16 - 10/31/17) cycle and the current (10/31/17 -10/31/18) renewal cycle.


  • A CRM holder who (a) completed the 3 courses at a CRM provider location but did not register their designation with GRMI or (b) is a former GRMI member whose membership expired for non-payment spanning beyond two renewal dates will have two reinstatement options available until 6/30/18:
    • Apply for reinstatement by completing the following steps:
  1. Send a transcript with the reinstatement request to
  2. GRMI will send the individual a link to submit a reinstatement fee of USD $350.


CRM Designation

The Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation consists of three risk courses and three exams.

To obtain a CRM designation follow the steps provided here

Local institutions offering these courses include:

University of Alberta

Insurance Institute


RIMS-CRMP Certification: A Competitive Advantage


RIMS has recently rolled out a new certificate program for risk management professionals, the RIMS-CRMP.

Learn more here: 

 Why YOU would want this...

>>  A competitive advantage

>>  Establish you as a continuous learner, with the most current and relevant knowledge of the discipline.
>>  Recognition in the industry
>>  Ability to use the initials RIMS-CRMP behind your name
>>  ANSI certification for lasting success (about ANSI)

Managing Organizational Risk Series - Professional Development