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  • In last week’s “RIMS Content Roundtable: COVID-19 Vaccines and Distribution,” a group of RIMS members gathered for an exclusive QA with Dr. Adrian Hyzler, chief medical officer at Healix International, who focused on progress with COVID-19 vaccination efforts and moving Continue reading
  • The International Labour Organization estimates that 25 million people are subject to human trafficking around the world, with children comprising one of every four victims. In many cases, the victims are used and transported by their traffickers in supply chains.  Continue reading
  • As business leaders remain hyper-focused on navigating through the pandemic, few have sufficiently considered how to prepare for the next major crisis. There are many steps leaders can take, some of which include reassessing their risk management plans, constructing cohesive Continue reading
  • Improving diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace seemingly remains an elusive goal for many companies. This persists even as many business leaders have stepped up to demonstrate that they value diversity and inclusion by making public commitments and dedicating Continue reading

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September 8 - 11 2019 RIMS Canada Conference
Register today at http://www.rimscanadaconference.ca/

In this year's conference we will be transforming the conference as a whole. We are excited to present thought provoking speakers and ideas throughout the entire conference. The early bird registration is closing soon so be sure to sign up before July 5th for the special pricing. 

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